Get most feasbile application for your business.

TechMelody IT Services gives a new wings to your business by launching great, user-friendly application for your business entity.

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TechMelody IT services company committed to offer end-to-end solutions to its customers all across the world. Our team continuously strives to transform the way you conduct your business by delivering cutting-edge IT services and products. Our high performance, robust, and practical solutions have fueled major technology trends, transforming the way people work. Our technology solutions are focused on solving complex issues and achieving measurable results. At TechMelody IT services, we keep up to push the boundaries of possibility to make a difference in our customer’s life through our services. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our unique ability to conceptualize, architect, and implement contemporary technology solutions that enable our clients to take their businesses to the next level. Our IT consulting team is driven by a passion to offer best solutions and maximum satisfaction. We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions. Whether you want to improve efficiency or grow your business, we're here to help you achieve your business goals.

Our Work

Great Application Everytime

We the team of TechMelody gives you a platform to deploy your application by taking only one note in mind that we are developing the application for our users, we keep easy GUI, user-friendly nature while deploying any application to our clients.

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Our work scopes!

Android & iOS application development

TechMelody team is built in such a way, that we have employees of over 7 years of experience in application development on both the platforms.

Testing and Deployment

We test the application before deploying by the use of many tools like AWS device farm, CTest, APM etc.

Web Application

We develop the web applications depending upon the need of a customer, like admin portal, ERP softwares, invoicing software, CRM etc.


This issue is crucial to numerous applications. It is one of the primary themes of examination in the middle of you and programming engineers. No leaks of the users’ private data are permitted.


We provide the GUI interface where our clients can easily see the daily updates in the application while the application is in developing mode.

Support and upgrades.

To assemble a long-standing application, you have to consider backing and redesigns.


Our Client Loves US

Ayush Chabra

Startup Owner

Their designing takes my business to next level, their support feature is way more reliable.



Their team is way more profesional and reliable as compared to others in the market.



TechMelody deliver the work on time by keeping the transparency of every updates.

Our features

Our Approach of Design is Pretty Simple and Clear

Team of TechMelody is either in developing phase or deploying phase, we put a clear layer between our clients and team, they get easy updates of work which is done and which is still left behind.

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Easy Notifications

Our clients get easy notification of all the updates through SMS or Email.

Easily Testable environment

TechMelody clients get a testable enviornment where they can test every new update.

Editable Layout

TechMelody clients can easily write the details in the enviornment which they want to edit.